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"Образованието треба целосно да го развие карактерот и талентите на детето. Тоа треба да ги поттикнува децата да ги почитуваат своите родители, својата култура како и другите култури."
Член 29, Конвенција за правата на детето










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Во периодот од 23 – 26 Јули 2014, во Банско (Струмица) се реализира Летен Камп на кој учество зедоа вкупно 50 деца на возраст од 14 – 16 години од Прилеп, Куманово, Кавадарци, Теарце и Струмица.

Преку различни креативни активности, на овој летен камп на младите им се овозможи да се стекнат со вештини и да научат за принципите на меѓукултурниот дијалог и промовирање на интеркултурната комуникација. Кампот се фокусираше на промовирање на различните вредности и толеранцијата помеѓу децата и младите со различи култури, како и промовирање на детските права. Како резултат од овие активности децата креираа акциони планови  за кампањи за промовирање на интеркултурната комуникација и детските права во своите градови и училишта. Со кампањите се планира да се прослават два значајни меѓународни датуми: Неделата на Детето во октомври 2014 година, и Универзалниот Ден на Детето - 20 ноември.

Овие активности се организираат во рамките на проектот „Промовирање на детските права и интеркултурната комуникација“, кој Коалиција на младински организации СЕГА го спроведува во партнерство со Совет за превенција од малолетничка деликвенција (СППМД) - Кавадарци, Македонскиот Центар за Граѓанско Образование (МЦГО) - Скопје, Мајка - Куманово, и Центар за едукација и развој - Теарце, а со поддршка на Детската Фондација Песталоци.




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In occasion of the Universal Children’s Day – 20th of November, Coalition of youth organizations SEGA together with its partner organizations – “CED” – Tearce, “Majka” – Kumanovo, “MCGO” – Strumica and “SPPMD” – Kavadarci, organized activities in Prilep, Kumanovo, Strumica and Kavadarci.

Under the motto “Tastes of different ethnic groups” in Strumica, the Universal Children’s Day was celebrated, through prepared traditional food that is recognized for the two ethnic nationalities, Macedonian and Turkish. One the aims of this event was gaining positive attitude of the representatives of the two ethnic communities through acquiring knowledge for the culture, tradition and history of the different ethnic communities, their interaction and their place and role in the development of the country, recognizing of same or similar foods that are used by the two ethnic groups.

In Prilep this day was celebrated with organization of sport event in volleyball, where participants from all secondary schools in Prilep took participation aiming for intercultural communication and team collaboration. Aiming to raise the awareness of the community for the child rights, in Kumanovo was prepared art exhibition placed at the City Square - in the center of the town, before this exhibition, an art competition was announced for encouraging creative research of the children aged 8 – 16 years with the support of their professors from 9 primary and 4 secondary schools for the universal Children’s Day. 

In Kavadarci, the promotion of child rights, human rights and intercultural communication, in occasion of the Universal Children’s Day was celebrated through a flash mob in the center of the town, as well as with visit of the museum of the City of Kavadarci, the new built church and the mosque from the 19th century, after these activities a workshop was organized in the club of SPPMD in which children from different ethnic backgrounds took participation.

All these activities were implemented within the project “Promotion for children rights and intercultural communication” financed by the Children Foundation Pestalozzi.



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Skopje, 20 November 2014 - In the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day, 20 November, the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA organized round table on the topic “Student school organizing in Macedonia - current state and solutions”

 “It is crucial to approach towards improvement of the institutional mechanisms for regulation of student’s participation and organizing at school level, as well as on local and national level”, stressed Zoran Ilieski, executive director of the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA.

- The Ministry for education and science of the R. Macedonia should have serious partner in negotiating and consultation for all educational reforms. The lack of student school organizing practically disables students to express their opinion for matters concerning them. Hereof derives the need for intervention in the current primary and high school legislation, aiming to systematic solution of the problem”, he added.

Javorka Gjorgjeva, sector for primary and high school education of the Ministry for education and science, emphasized that the Ministry is open to hear the proposals and examples for improvement of the current states.

At the event representatives of relevant institutions and organizations had possibility to be introduced in the current state in the area of student school organizing, and to discuss on the needed interventions and potential solutions for improving the democratic participation of children through regulating student school organizing.

Several keynote speakers talked on the current states in the field, Elizabeta Markoska Spasenovska, external consultant of SEGA, Monika Bozinoska, Youth Educational Forum, and Safet Balazi, USAID project “Interethnic integration in the schools”.

They were all unanimous on the fact that student school organizing almost does not exist, and that students are unaware of the possibilities for their participation in decision making in schools. The schools are the ones that decide whether or not and in which extent children will practice their right to participation, since this matter is not regulated in the current laws. Moreover, SEGA in the previous period prepared Comparative Analysis on the state with children and youth participation in the educational process. The Analysis offers an overview on the European and the regional practices on systematic regulation of the children’s right to participate.

On the 20 November 1959 the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the rights of the child, and in this occasion 20 November is celebrated as Universal Children’s Day.  



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