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"На децата со било каков вид на пречки во развојот треба да им се пружи посебна грижа и подршка за да можат да водат независен живот."
Член 23, Конвенција за правата на детето



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Coalition SEGA this year will continue to implement the project “Implementation of the Convention on the rights of the child”. The aim of the project is to improve the implementation of the child rights in the schools, establishment of practical and effective mechanisms for protection of child rights, improvement of child participation as well as the processes for election of class presidents.

The projects will continue with its implementation in 20 primary and secondary schools in partnership with the following organizations: Youth Council Prilep, Youth Council Ohrid, ZONA Kavadarci, Center for Sustainable Community Development - Debar, Youth Club – Stip, Multiculture – Tetovo, Association for democratic initiatives – Gostivar, Local Development Agency – Struga, IMKA – Bitola and Center for intercultural dialogue – Kumanovo.

Activities from three components will be implemented within this project:

      • Monitoring for implementation of the Convention on the rights of the Child
      • Model Child Ombudsman
      • School/youth organizations

The project is supported by the Children Foundation Pestalozzi.



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On 30th of January, 2014 the counselors from the Council of the City of Skopje adopted the Local Youth Strategy of the City of Skopje. The aim of this strategy is to improve the young people’s life in the City of Skopje through their active inclusion in the processes at local level. The Strategy consists of two key parts: five year strategy and action plan. The two documents contain activities for improvement of the young people’s life expressed in 8 fields which are identified as priority fields: Youth information; Local youth work; Youth participation; Education; Health and prevention; Quality of living; Youth self-employment and Culture.

The Local Youth Strategy for the City of Skopje was created within the project: “Youth participation in the policy creation process”, financed by the City of Skopje and the Region Lower Normandy – France.



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Dear friends,

SEGA celebrates 10 years of its constitution. During the past years SEGA built its credibility among its target groups, associates, donors, institutions and among the public. For 10 years SEGA raised to developed youth organizations platform in Macedonia, with clear vision and mission, with objectives and activities that always have young people in first plan.

Anniversaries are time when we bring back to the beginnings, reminding ourselves to the previous years and previous achievements, on the challenges that we faced, on the solutions we found. Anniversaries are excellent opportunity to give gratitude to everyone involved in this success story, but also to give ourselves acknowledgment for the achievements.

Today we bring back our memories to our past achievements.


10 years of Coalition of youth organizations SEGA

The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is a national platform of youth organizations dedicated to lobbying for needed legislative changes as well as committed to supporting youth activism, access to information and participation of young people in activities for solution of their problems. As developed and sustainable youth coalition, SEGA enables young people to believe in themselves, to accomplish their interests, to create and to build.

Coalition SEGA has given significant contribution towards creation of the National Youth Strategy of the Republic of Macedonia and the Action Plan for implementation of the National Youth Strategy of the Republic of Macedonia. In 2009, SEGA prepared Alternative report for the implementation of the Convention on the rights of the child in Macedonia. In 2010, the report was presented to the UN Committee for the Rights of the child in Geneva. The recommendations of the Alternative report (in the same year) were presented to the Commission for labor and social policy of the National Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia.

In 2010, SEGA conducted national research of the Youth trends and youth organizing in the Republic of Macedonia, it is a first general research after the research made in 2003 for the needs of the creation of the National Youth Strategy.

Aiming to increase the youth participation in the decision making and policy making process, Coalition SEGA supported the process for creation of Youth Council in 7 municipalities (Kavadarci, Stip, Sv. Nikole, Tearce, Strumica, Radovis and Negodino) in R.M. and established the first practices for guaranteeing the institutional youth participation in the municipalities. On the basis of the European experiences and standards of the European Agency for Youth information and Counseling (ERYICA),  and regarding to the increasing of the youth information, in 2010 SEGA opened the first “Youth Informational and Counseling Centre INFO SEGA” in Macedonia.

In the period of 2010 – 2013, SEGA created the first 13 Local Youth Strategies in Macedonia in 12 municipalities (Prilep, Kavadarci, Negotino, Veles, Debar, Gevgelija, Stip, Sv Nikole, Radovis, Tetovo, Kisela Voda, Iliden) and the City of Skopje.

Continuously and systematically, in the past three years (2011-2013), SEGA has been implementing monitoring of the Convention on the rights of the Child in Macedonia and generates periodical and annual monitoring reports. In 20 primary and secondary schools in 10 municipalities in Macedonia, SEGA initiated the institution “Child Ombudsman” by establishing institutional frame for cooperation among children and National ombudsman responsible for protecting the child rights in Macedonia. In partnership with these schools SEGA established procedures for democratic and fair elections and in accordance with these procedures the class presidents were elected and school/youth organizations were created.

From 2012, SEGA together with the volunteers from the Peace Corps from Macedonia, has been implementing the programme Macedonia Model United Nations. Through this programme young people acquire skills for research, public speech, public discussion, conflict development, decision making with consensus and leadership skills. Through organizing of Conferences young people have opportunity to practice these skills directly and in the role of delegates to discuss and find solutions for global questions which are discussed in the real United Nations.

In its ten year working SEGA produced number of publications, toolkits and manuals and monitoring reports, and have organized number of seminars and trainings for raising the awareness for the needs of youth participation as well as advocacy and lobbying for the youth needs.

Coalition SEGA is formed in 2004 and has membership of 23 organizations (12 full members and 11 associate members). SEGA is a member in the Association of Local Democracy Agencies and the European Agency for youth information and Counseling.

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA


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