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"Децата имаат право да добијат и споделат информации, доколку информациите не им наштетуваат ним или на други."
Член 13, Конвенција за правата на детето



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Within the project “Youth without borders” implemented by the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, the final conference was held in Struga, in which youth organizations from Macedonia and Albania signed Declaration for cooperation. In the Conference, held in hotel Drim, participation took representatives from youth organizations from Macedonia and Albania, as well as representatives from local and national institutions from both countries.

The project “Youth without borders” was being implemented in the past 12 months and its aim was to promote effective collaboration between the civil society actors towards fruitful social development in the cross-border region between Macedonia and Albania. Through the project the youth organizations were enabled to gain knowledge and skills to develop ideas into projects within the EU programmes. Also through the project activities, the youth organizations learned how to act in partnership with other civic organizations, how to stronger advocate their target groups at local level, as well as to manage joint initiatives. Through the executed activities the local communities were given the opportunity for stronger social development particularly at raising the status of youth as marginalized group in the society.

Zoran Ilieski – Executive director of Coalition SEGA: “I am particularly pleased of this project because through the activities that were implemented, the youth organizations from Macedonia and Albania gained knowledge and confidence on how to better collaborate and realize their ideas and projects aiming to improve the role of youth in the society. The Declaration for collaboration that was signed through this project makes me proud and happy that youth are aware of their role in the society and the importance of mutual cooperation”.

Mr. Robert LIDDELL – Minister Counsellor, Head of Section for Political & Justice and Home Affairs Issues - At this moment when we have high unemployment rates especially among youths and when there is high brain drain we should use available EU programmes and develop more initiatives like this we have today. That’s why we funded this project which established partnerships between CSOs of both sides of the boarder working on youth issues.

Eglantina Lula – National Center for Community Services – If we speak on the Call for Proposals by the EU and the IPA Cross-border Programme projects I would stress that there are no barriers, the border is no barrier. Our cooperation was so strong so the border was not an issue at all.

Mile Dimkoski – Youth Council Prilep: This cooperation is an opportunity for us, the youth organizations, for creating new partnerships, exchange of experiences, but also a possibility to use positive experiences from Albania and to apply it in Macedonia. 


This project is funded within the IPA Programme for Cross-border cooperation with Albania and promotes positive neighboring relations, encouraging of stability, security and prosperity, which is common interest of both countries, as well as stimulating their harmonious, balanced and sustainable development.


The final conference is part of the project “Youth without borders”, financed by the IPA Programme for Cross-border cooperation with Albania.

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In the period of 27 February – 02 March 2014 Coalition SEGA organized training in the hotel Ambient, Struga for the selected 15 children ombudsmen from 5 primary schools from Prilep, Tetovo, Debar, Kumanovo and Kavadarci,. On this training the children acquired knowledge about the Convention on the rights of the child and how to educate their peers for reporting violations of children rights in their schools. Also on this training were determined the ways for cooperation among children ombudsmen and the deputy Public Ombudsmen in R.M responsible for child rights.

The aim of the activities implemented by Coalition SEGA is to improve the condition of the children in the schools and to point to better care for them by the adults. Through this training we want to educate the children for the rights they have and to contribute to realization of these rights in the schools – emphasized Zoran Ilieski, Executive director of SEGA.

The model of child ombudsman is functioning in 20 primary and secondary schools and represents great institutional tool for transferring of the Convention on the rights of the child as well as protection of child rights in the schools. This model, SEGA started to implement from 2011 within the project “Implementation of the Convention on the rights of the child” supported by the Children Foundation Pestalozzi.

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Organization:   Coalition of youth organizations SEGA

Position:          Consultant for preparation of analysis of the education legislative regulating children and youth participation in the European countries with special view of the Balkan countries

The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is sustainable and developed nonprofit youth organization acting on local, national and regional level, long term and serious partner in the implementation of youth programmes together with youth, NGOs, state institutions and business sector. Coalition SEGA works on developing and implementation of youth policies at local and national level, connecting and empowering youth organizations aiming at activating young people and improving the conditions for their professional development in the Republic of Macedonia.

Within the project “Implementation of the Convention on the rights of the child in Macedonia”, financed by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation, preparation of analysis of the legislation regulating children and youth participation in the educational processes is envisaged. Aiming to achieve this, SEGA announces public call for consultant services for conducting analysis of the education legislative regulating children and youth participation in the European countries with special view of the Balkan countries, and as well determining existing documents regulating the status of children in Macedonia.

Consultant engagement will be in duration of maximum 7 days in the period of 15 – 30 April 2014. Terms of references of the consultant:

-       Preparation of list of documents (legal framework) adopted at European and national level;

-       Preparation of the analysis with formulated recommendations;

-       Preparation of Final analysis.

All interested may apply through submitting the following documentation:

    1. Personal biography (CV);
    2. Portfolio of previous analysis of this kind;
    3. List of references;
    4. Proposal analysis concept;
    5. Service unit cost.

All applicants should fulfill the following criteria:

    1. Bachelor of science in Legal studies (or higher degree in legal studies);
    2. Wide knowledge in civil society sector development;
    3. Five (5) years working experience in the private or civil society sector in the field of law and/or legal works;
    4. Experience in preparation of analysis of similar kind (attached to the appropriate documentation you should submit list of references of organizations/institutions for whom you have prepared similar analysis).

Application deadline is 05 March 2014. Selected consultant will be contacted no later than 12 March 2014.

Submit your documentation on the following address:

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA
St. Ivo Lola Ribar No. 5, 7500 Prilep
With reference to: “Public call for consultant”

and by e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For any further information all interested applicants may contact:

Executive Director
Coalition of youth organizations SEGA
e-mail:   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
tel.:      +389 78 470 400
            +389 48 429 390


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