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Project “Creating Effective Youth Employment Possibilities”

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Coalition of youth organizations SEGA commenced the project “Creating Effective Youth Employment Possibilities” supported by the National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility, within the ERASMUS+ Programme (Key Action 3, Support for policy reform – Structured dialogue).

The aim of the project is to enable active involvement of the young people and youth NGO's through civil dialog with relevant stakeholders, giving voice and the significant influence on young peoples’ future with special focus on the youth employment measures, thus improve the civil society impact of the reforms in line with the EU criteria for countries’ full membership.

With the project SEGA will organize local discussions in 10 cities in Macedonia (Prilep, Bitola, Ohrid, Struga, Skopje, Kavadarci, Shtip, Strumica, Tetovo and Debar) aiming to identify the opinions of young people and decision makers on improving the possibilities for employability of young people. Main action of the project will be National Workshop with participation of young people, representative of national institutions and youth organizations producing Position Paper directed towards the national decision makers, for improvement of the possibilities of young people for employment.

The project is implemented in the period of 01 January – 31 May 2015, with total budget of 5.480 EUR.

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The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA on 01st January 2015 started the implementation of the project “Creating Local Youth Strategies” in partnership with Interkultura - Skopje and the Volunteers Center Skopje, and with support of the Secretary General of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. The project aims at increasing the active youth participation in the political, social, economic and cultural life in the local community through creation of local youth strategies in the municipalities of Gazi Baba and Butel.

The Local Youth Strategies for both municipalities will be developed in accordance with the methodology determined with the Manual for creating Local Youth Strategies, edited by the Coalition SEGA. The methodology foresees identifying of the state, needs and priorities of the young people in Gazi Baba and Butel, as baseline for the priorities, aims and objectives of the strategies.

The project will be implemented in period of 10 months in the municipalities of Gazi Baba and Butel.

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As a result of the implemented activities within the project “Promotion of child rights and intercultural communication”, Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, together with its partner organizations created a final video. The aim of this video is to sum up the results in a creative way and present it to the wider public.

The video emphasizes the interculturalism of children participants in the project as a method for joint initiatives for promotion of intercultural cooperation and child rights.

The project “Promotion of child rights and intercultural communication” is implemented by Coalition of youth organizations SEGA in partnership with “SPPMD” – Kavadarci, “MCGO” – Skopje (office in Strumica),  “Majka” – Kumanovo and “CED” – Tearce and by support of the Children Foundation Pestalozzi.


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