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The team of SEGA participated in an event for Partnership Building Activity in the period of 16 – 19 December 2013, in organization of the The National Agency of European educational programs and mobility in partnership with NA from Finland and Sweden. The event was held in Hotel Montana, Krusevo and participants from 16 countries from Europe took participation. The programme was constructively designed on the basis of writing a project, transformation of the programme Youth in Action in the new Erasmus + programme and the last two days were for building partnership activities among the participants and writing projects with mutual interests. This four days activity resulted with concrete ideas which were collaborated from the participants and the same will be submitted as projects in the new Erasmus + programme.


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(Prilep, 25 December 2013) The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA as part of the project COHEIRS “Civic Observers for Health and Environment: Initiative for Responsibility and Sustainability” organized panel discussion on the topic "Healthy food" in the City Library Borka Taleski in Prilep.

This panel discussion aimed to raise the awareness of the citizens esspecialy among young people for the importance of taking care for their own health and healthy life styles. In this panel discussion dr. Sladzana Velkov presented the advanatages of the healthy food and healthy life stles. Additionaly, she emphasized the presentation for GMO and organic production. The participants had opportunity to discuss on the topic and as well to receive advices for improvment of their healh.

The project COHEIRS “Civic Observers for Health and Environment: Initiative for Responsibility and Sustainability” is implemented in 12 countries in Europe, including our country Macedonia, supported by the Europe for Citizens programme, and implemented by the Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) in partnership with Coalition of youth organizations SEGA.


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