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"Децата имаат право на образование. Дисциплината во училиштата треба да го почитува човечкото достоинство на децата. Основното образование треба да биде бесплатно."
Член 28, Конвенција за правата на детето



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Today in the new opened office of the Youth Info Career “Open door – for youth by youth” in Bitola, was promoted the project “Fostering Social Inclusion through employability enhancement – Open door for youth by youth” from the second grant scheme of the IPA4 component with specific aim for social inclusion.

The main aim of the project is to foster social inclusion of the vulnerable group of young people through creation of equal opportunities for access into the labor market and employability enhancement through building of their skills in order to include into the labor market and entire integration in the society.

The the project on the basis of the experiences of Slovakia was developed Methodology for career counseling and early career guidance, as well as Manual for trainers “Balance of competences. In total 20 representatives from public institutions – centers for social work and other public institutions for look after minorities and representatives from youth organizations from Bitola, Prilep, Shtip and Skopje were trained for practice of the methodology and the manual.

For 60 young people that live in institutions (children without parents and parental care and young people with education difficulties) were prepared social cards and Study needs map on the basis of direct interviews with 200 young people from families users of social help.

The project equipped 4 youth info career centers in Bitola, Prilep, Shtip and Skopje, from which 112 young people from families users of social help will receive career counseling and acquire additional skills in direction of their improvement and to became more competitive into the labor market. In the Youth Info Career Center “Open door – for youth by youth” in Bitola will be trained in total 28 young people from families’ users of social help. After the trainings, 5 young people will gain practical experience in the business sector in Bitola.

On the promotion event were discussed the opportunities for career counseling and career guidance of young people for their employability enhancement and at the same time was promoted the new opened Youth Info Career Center “Open door – for youth by youth”.

We believe that the new approach for early career guidance and counseling will enable timely help and support of this sensitive category of young people” – Zoran Ilieski, executive director of Coalition of youth organizations SEGA.

The director of the Center for Social work in the municipality of Bitola, Ms. Violeta Gadzovska held her speech from aspect of the services that the Center for social work offers and provides for young people users of social help and young people from families users of social help.

The project “Fostering Social Inclusion through employability enhancement – Open door for youth by youth” is implemented by Coalition of youth organizations SEGA in partnership with EASP from Macedonia and KABA from Slovakia.

The office of the Info Career Center for youth is on the street “Vasko Karangeleski “ bb Bitola (Daily center for persons with mental and physical illness).

Project Fostering social inclusion through employability enhancement "Open door - for youth by youth" financed by the European Union 



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Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, on 27th of January 2017, in the EU Info Cente realized a discussion related to youth employment, therefore increasing the youth employment in Macedonia. On this discussion participated representatives of youth organizations, students, representatives from the Agency for employment in Macedonia and Mladiinfo. This event is part of the project “Creating Effective youth employment possibilities”, supported by the National Agency of European educational programmes and mobility, within the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 3 (Structured dialogue).

The aim of this discussion was to enable active inclusion of young people and youth organizations through structured dialogue with the relevant stakeholders, therefore to influence the future of youth with special focus on the measures for youth employment, as well as improvement of the influence of the civil society in the reform processes in accordance with the criteria of membership in EU.

Slobodanka Aleksovska – manager of the Center for employment, Skopje: “Young people are the future in every society, and we need to invest for the future. That is the main reason why we take care for youth and we realize many measures for their employment, self-employment and practical work, different trainings and subventions. Through the last legal opportunity MKD1 and 2 are realized 23 000 new job open places from which the biggest number is young people”.

Zoran Ilieski – Executive director of Coalition of youth organizations SEGA – “The Agency for employment in R.M needs to be improved in direction of following the professional and career development of youth and adjustment of the data bases and establishment of network of communication between the Ministry for education and science and the Agency for Employment in R.M”.                                     




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On 23rd of December 2016, in hotel Kontinental – Skopje, was held the second national meeting with children ombudsmen and the Deputy Public Ombudsman Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa. 27 children ombudsmen from secondary and primary schools (from Prilep, Bitola, Kavadarci, Ohrid, Struga, Gostivar, Debar, Tetovo, Kumanovo and Shtip) participated on this meeting.

The meeting was held by Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa – Deputy Public Ombudsmen responsible from child rights protection. The aim of this meeting was the children ombudsmen to get to know each other and to hear their opinions for the condition of child rights violation in their schools and to encourage them to report child right violation.

“The data from the research that was implemented by the office of the Public Ombudsman marks progress in the knowledge for child rights by the students that learn in the schools where the children ombudsmen are functioning” says Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa, Deputy Public Ombudsman for protection of Child rights.

This activity is realized within the project “Implementation on the Convention on the rights of the child in Macedonia” supported by the Children Foundation Pestalozzi.


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