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"Децата имаат право да добијат и споделат информации, доколку информациите не им наштетуваат ним или на други."
Член 13, Конвенција за правата на детето



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Coalition of youth organizations SEGA in the beginning of October 2017 started with the implementation of the project "Youth Information workers fit for Youth (YIW for Youth)" in partnership with the European Youth Information and Counseling Agency (ERYICA) and the Regional Youth Center I Rijeka – UMKI. The project is supported by the National Agency for European Educational programmes and mobility, as part of the programme Erasmus+ KA2 (Strategic partnership in the field of youth).

The project aims at enhancing the quality of Youth Information by developing Guide for youth information workers based on exchange of practices to be applicable by the Youth Information Centers in Europe. In particular the project objectives will reflect to: exchange experiences of innovative tools and techniques for youth information; developing European dimension among countries, in particular on the field of youth; exchanging working methods among organizations; acquisition of new professional skills and competences for youth information workers; promoting transnational learning experiences and proposing best practices in the long term; building a dynamic network among countries and a sustainable partnership.

The project envisages two specific aspects:

1. Preparation of Guide of best practices in the field of youth information work "Information fit to youth", according to structured and detailed need assessment of youth information workers.

2.Training for youth information workers in Macedonia in order to build the capacities of youth information workers.

The project will be implemented in a period of 6 months in Macedonia, Croatia and Luxembourg.

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Today, was selected the best Mobile application for the web page http://mladi.ams.mk/ through the contest for creation of mobile application within the National Campaign “Information Right Now” by Coalition of youth organizations SEGA in partnership with the Agency of youth and sport and the Faculty of computer science and engineering FINKI.

Zorica Stamenkovska from the Agency for youth and sport said that the web page for youth is promoted in 2015, and now will receive its own mobile application.

The aim of this page is to offer quality and timely information for young people in our state. The best solution will be awarded with award in amount of 500 euros from the Agency for youth and sport and is part of the priority field by the National Youth Strategy, said Stamenkovska.  

According to Zoran Ilieski from Coalition SEGA, for the first time in Macedonia will be generated the mobile application for all smart phones through which young people will have opportunity to receive quality, timely and effective information from their interest.

It will be provided information which is related to education, scholarships, traveling, training, employment, entrepreneurship skills etc.  All these will be packed in one application that will provide quick overview of information and accuracy, said Ilieski.

The Dean of FINKI Ivan Chorbev, said that the Agency for youth and sport cooperated in number of projects , including contests for informatics and the activities overall for promotion of informatics as a profession that is present.

We have implemented number of projects from this type for development of e-society. The students are applying with their own ideas for development of the application. It will become available for all young people in the country to be able through their mobile phones to receive information for scholarships, contests etc, said Chorbev.

All the teams presented their mobile application in front of commission of five personas that evaluated them according to previous determined criteria.



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Coalition of youth organizations SEGA in cooperation with the Agency for youth and sport started the implementation of the project “Youth participation in decision making”.

The project is implemented with support by the National Agency for European educational programmes and mobility, through the programme Erasmus+, Key Action 3 (Structural dialogue)

The aim of this project is to improve the function and the role of the existing Councils of Youth (in the following municipalities: Kavadarci, Shtip, Sv Nikole, Krushevo, Radovish, Negotino, Gazi Baba, Gjorce Petrov, Grad Skopje and Prilep) and in this way to influence the improvement of the youth participation in the democratic life.

The first activity of the project is National workshop with decision makers “How to increase the youth participation through improvement of the function of the Counsil of Youth” that was held on 22.02.2017 in hotel Kontinental, Skopje. The aim of this workshop is to collect opinion of the condition of youth participation at local level, the participants to open discussion for the functioning of the existing Local Councils of Youth as well as to give recommendations for the ways of their improvement. 

Zoran Ilieski – Executive director of Coalition of youth organizations SEGA: “The activities that we implement in this project and the discussions that we will organize should give clear recommendations for how to increase the youth participation through improvement of the function of the Councils of Youth. The inclusion of all stakeholders in the structured dialogue shows their real need to improve this process where all the relevant stakeholders will give their active contribution”.

Zorica Stamenkovska – Agency for youth and sport: “The selection of contact persons who will be responsible in the municipalities for the functioning of the Councils of youth in inevitable, these persons will give help and support and will enable their participation in the decision making processes”.

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