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"Децата имаат право да кажат што мислат. Кога возрасните носат одлуки кои ги засегаат, децата имаат право нивните мислења да се земаат предвид."
Член 12, Конвенција за правата на детето

SEGA's mission and vision

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The Coalition of youth organizations SEGA works on developing and implementing youth policies in Macedonia as well as connecting and strengthening young people to improve their overall state.


SEGA is a sustainable and developed youth organization active at the local, regional and national level, a long-term and serious partner in the implementation of youth programmes along with young people, NGOs, state institutions and the business sector.

Our work has led to an improved overall state of youth, their inclusion in decision-making processes and their use of applicable laws.

Our success is recognized in the promotion of the young people as a resource in the society, ready to answer new challenges.







Do you agree that the Governmental active employment measures will increase youth employment in Macedonia?

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