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"Децата имаат право на приватност. Законот треба да ги заштити од напади на нивниот начин на живот, нивното име, нивните семејства и нивните домови."
Член 15, Конвенција за правата на детето









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27.04.2017 – Macedonian Confederation for Free Trade Unions and Coalition SEGA signed Memorandum for cooperation under the motto “Young people have their own labor rights – 365 days of labor rights (worker’s rigths)”

In occasion of 1st of May, the International day of labor, SEGA and the Macedonian Confederation of Free Trade Unions have organized a campaign for promotion of young people and improvement of the social – economic condition. With the Memorandum of cooperation, SEGA and the Macedonian Confederation of Free Trade Unions are obliged to undertake mutual efforts for further improvement of the economic and social condition of youth, creation of policies and bigger inclusion, promotion of youth into the labor market and exchange of good practices and improvement of professional expertise.

Today we formalized the cooperation that lasts for a long period of time. In the moment the mutual decision for signing a Memorandum of cooperation is the start of the campaign “Young people have their own labor rights -365 days of labor rights” that we promoted in occasion of 1st of May. The aim is young people to be integrated into syndicate’s movement and in the labor market, to be educated about labor rights (worker’s rights) and to be improved the economic and social condition for creation of a new and permanent working places for young people. We as a Trade Union protector of the worker’s rights and the Coalition SEGA, whose main motto is youth and youth employment, has made a lot in this direction. Now we continue to work on youth integration in the society”, said Blagoja Ralpovski, president of the Macedonian Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

According to Nikola Stankosi, president of the Governing Board of Coalition SEGA, with the signing of this memorandum of cooperation we will undertake mutual efforts for improvement of the condition of young people and their economic and social condition and creation of policies for bigger inclusion into the labor market. A special accent will be put on the cooperation with the youth section of Macedonian Confederation of Free Trade Unions that are very active at local and international level. “Our aim is to provide exchange of experiences, expert knowledge in order to improve the condition of young people. In this direction we are presenting the campaign, through which we will act on youth information for their labor (worker’s) rights”, said Stankoski.

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA works in the field of youth information, employment, building capacities of young people as well as encouraging their participation in the democratic life.

More information about the campaign you can find on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/365denarabotnickiprava/.

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