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"Образованието треба целосно да го развие карактерот и талентите на детето. Тоа треба да ги поттикнува децата да ги почитуваат своите родители, својата култура како и другите култури."
Член 29, Конвенција за правата на детето









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On 28th of June 2017 in Skopje, in hotel Holiday Inn was organized round table “Regulation of the participation of children and youth in the education legislative”. On this event was promoted the initiative for changes and amendments of the Law for secondary school education in direction of integration of the participation of the students in the decision making process in the educational process”

This event aims to provide discussion with the delegates, the Public ombudsman and the NGOs referring to the real youth participation that will be legally regulated.

“It is a fact that the condition in the R.Macedonia with the participation of the students in the schools is on a very low level, where the students has no right to raise their voice and space to express their opinion. Our request is directed to opening of a process for legal changes in the secondary school education where the students in the secondary schools will have a right to participate in the decision making processes in the schools and in all the reforms in the educational system” says the Executive director of Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, Zoran Ilieski.

The deputy Public ombudsmen Vaska Bajramoska Mustafa said that the Public ombudsmen during the realized meetings with the primary and secondary school students has concluded that the participation of the students in the decision making processes in the schools is on a very low level.

 “We implemented research in 2016 for the condition in the schools. The results were disappointing. Only in 61 secondary schools there is some kind of a school organization, but there is no participation of children in the decision making processes. The children elect presidents of their classes who they represent them in the schools, but their representation or advocacy is only because of some of the rights or questions, there is no participation of the students in the field of policy creation”, says Vaska Bajramovska Mustafa.

The conclusion from the present participants, the delegates as well as the representatives from the NGOs is the following:

The changes to be based on the basis of the Convention of the rights of the child with special focus on the right of education; there is a need of wide – range and complete analysis for the participation; the participation of the students in the decision making processes to be systematically regulated through these processes, different forms of organization, monitoring and evaluation, ways for participation and what is most important is for the students to be recognized as an important factor in these processes; there comes the need for legal regulation and strategy”.

“Unified system for inclusion”

 “The municipalities and all the other stakeholders should be included in these processes”.

 “The decentralization is important; there is a need for cognitive revolution/reform, participation of the unaffected sides”

“Ways for encouraging of young people to be actively included in these processes, essential implementation is important too, not just form”.

 “To work according to the lessons learned the politic issues to be out of these processes, the process to be open and inclusive”.

The effects will be evident soon, there is a need for the process to be transparent, with broad involvement, and the process of building capacities of the stakeholders to continue, the process to be continuant and systematic”.

The participation of the students in the decision making processes to be legally guaranteed on a very high level”.

This event is organized by Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, in partnership with the Youth Educational Forum and the First children’s embassy in the world Megjashi”, as part of the activities of the project “Implementation of the Convention on the rights of the child” supported by the Children Foundation Pestalozzi.




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