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"На децата со било каков вид на пречки во развојот треба да им се пружи посебна грижа и подршка за да можат да водат независен живот."
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From 22-24 of September 2017, in hotel Ambient, Struga,“Training on planning and managing advocacy campaigns” was held for the members of the Youth Council of Gazi Baba municipality.

The participants of this training had the opportunity to acquire skills and techniques for the preparation and implementation of advocacy and lobbying campaigns in order to contribute towards improving their ability to act during the work of the council of Gazi Baba municipality.

During the training various methods were used: role play, small group work, case studies and presentations through which the participants will acquire skills and different techniques to practice the knowledge acquired.

The second part of the training was devoted to the preparation of an advocacy campaign under the Action Plan for implementing the Strategy for youth in Gazi Baba municipality.   The members were divided into teams and worked in the preparation of various advocacy campaigns.

This training is part of the project “Training and promotion of Youth Council of Gazi Baba municipality, supported by the municipality itself. 



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