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"Децата имаат право на образование. Дисциплината во училиштата треба да го почитува човечкото достоинство на децата. Основното образование треба да биде бесплатно."
Член 28, Конвенција за правата на детето








SEGA's additional activities

Conference in Berlin on topic " "Challenges and achievements of civil society organizations in the region of South Eastern Europe""

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Coalition SEGA with its representative participated in the conference for successful management of youth perspectives and talents, organized by the institute of knowledge Antall Jozef in cooperation with the Center for European Studies Wilfred Martens which took place on June 19 in Brussels, Belgium. The purpose of the event was to discuss and get ideas how to solve the difficulties with young entrepreneurs and innovations in the Western Balkans.


The excecutive director of SEGA, Zoran Ilieski was one of the panelists on "Challenges and achievements of civil society organizations in the region of South Eastern Europe". "Institutional and sustainable development as well as passivity of young people are the two main challenges facing youth organizations in Macedonia," Ilieski said at the session. He added: "The percentage of games of chance is a good basis for financial support and institutional sustainability of organizations."

Speaking about the achievements, he highlighted the development of the Youth Development Index, which, with the support of the USAID program, was implemented by SEGA in Macedonia. At the event, he also stressed that through this tool Macedonia will be the first country in the region of the Western Balkans in which national and local authorities will be able to monitor and support the progress of youth participation.

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Public call for Intercultural Exchange in Serbia

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WHERE? - In Uzice, Serbia

WHEN? - From 20 - 24 August (excluding travel days)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION? - The project "Youth Agents of Social Change" is aimed at explaining the concept of human / child rights, the principle of anti-discrimination, inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, the right OF  protection from any form of violence with a focus on gender or ethnic violence.

TARGET GROUP? - The youth exchange is open for 15 young people (15-18 years) from the municipality of Prilep, Macedonia.

Preference will be given to candidates from vulnerable categories (students living in rural areas, children from low income families, etc.).

COSTS? - All costs during the exchange are covered by the organizers, as well as travel expenses.

APPLICATION? - The deadline for applying is by June 29, 23:59, by sending an application to the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/rXOr0idlhS55udsj1

Follow-up activities- After the exchange each participant is obliged to organize one workshop in his school to transfer the knowledge that will be acquired during the exchange.

QUESTIONS? - For all additional questions, feel free to contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Description and objectives of the project:

The objectives of the project are:

  1. Empowering young people to contribute to positive change in the environment in which they live, promoting European values ​​of quality life;
  2.  Promoting values ​​such as freedom, tolerance, acceptance of diversity and respect for children's and human rights among young people in Macedonia;
  3. Developing the ability to recognize a breaking child's rights  and how to react in such  situation.

The project is implemented because of the need for young people to be involved in issues that concern them, raising awareness of the benefits of their active involvement in the community, and reducing discrimination, violence and violation of the rights of the child.

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(Skopje, 7th of July 2017), Coalition of youth organizations SEGA help its Annual Assembly in the hotel Continental in Skopje.

According to the daily Agenda the minute from the previous meeting of the Assembly was adopted, also the Programme and Financial report for the work in 2016 and the Annual programme of SEGA for 2017. During the Assembly was made review of the Draft – Strategic plan of SEGA for the period of 2018-2022, as well as presentation of the new upcoming activities in the work of SEGA.

Then, Ms. Sunchica Sazdovska from the office of TACSO in R.Macedonia presented the findings from the Enabling environment for the civil society development Report for 2016.

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is a national platform for youth organizations active in the field of lobbying for youth policy changes, dedicated to support of youth activism, improvement of the access to information and youth participation in activities aiming for solution of their problems.



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Коалиција на младински организации “СЕГА”, со свој преставник од Регионалната канцеларија во Скопје-Волонтерски Центар Скопје ”ВЦС”, беше дел од конференцијата што се одржа на 21 Октомври, 2016 во хотел Арка во Скопје на тема “Нова генерација истражувачки новинари-предизвици и перспективи” во рамките на проектот “Истражувачко новинарство-чувар на демократијата и на човечките права” организиран од страна на Центар за управување со промени и Институт за човекови права, проект финансиран од Европска унија и кофинансиран од Британската Амбасада во Скопје.
Свои излагања имаа преставници од Институтот за човекови права-Маргарита Цаци Николовска, Неда Малеска Сачмаровска- Центар за управување со промени, Пол Едвардс-Заменик шеф на мисијата на Британија во Македонија, Искра Белчева Ристовска-проектен менаџер. Во рамките на настанот се разви панел дискусија со истакнати новинари од Македонија и регионот.
Се разговараше за состојбата на истражувачките новинари, како се третрани, кои права го имаат, како новинарите се соочуваат со секојдневни предизвици. Беа спомнати и проектите од страна на НВО финансирани од нивна страна, чија имплементација и објавување ќе биде во Ноември. Се споделуваа информации се со цел да се објасни фактичката состојба во Република Македонија.
Беа објавени и најдобрите студенти кои го посетија Летниот курс за истражувачко новинарство и беа објавени најдобрите истражувачки написи подготвени од студентите.
Честитки до студентите, им посакуваме повеќе успеси.



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In cooperation with the region Venice and Italy, Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, ALDA Skopje, Municipality of Kavadarci (Macedonina) and Municipality Casarsa (Italy) the project PALE.DE is implemented (School for participation democracy).

Within this project, in the period of 17th till 20th of October 2016, organizations from Casarsa visited the office of ALDA, Skopje, Volunteering Center Skopje, the Agency for youth and sport and the Office of youth in Municipality Centar. The last 2 days of this visit will be realized in Kavadarci, in the Youth Informative and Counseling Center INFO SEGA, Kavadarci where they will produce good practices among the INFO Centers and information will be provided related to the youth strategies and development of mutual programmes. Also a visit of the mayor’s office is planned of the municipality of Kavadarci – Mr. Aleksandar Panov.

In the period of 4th to 8th of July 2016 a study visit was realized in Casarsa, Italy. The main aim of this study visit was to exchange experiences for implementing youth activites and to improve the functioning of the INFO Centers. The study visit is focused on practical experience and skills development.

PALE.DE Project is supported by the “Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia” and implemented by “Comune di Casarsa della Delizia”, “Leonardo Conzorzio di cooperative sociali”, “Il Noce”, ALDA Skopje, Coalition of youth organizations SEGA and the municipality of Kavadarci.


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Do you agree that the Governmental active employment measures will increase youth employment in Macedonia?

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