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"Децата имаат право да добијат и споделат информации, доколку информациите не им наштетуваат ним или на други."
Член 13, Конвенција за правата на детето








Соработка помеѓу Македонија и Долна Нормандија


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Коалиција на младински организации СЕГА објавува повик за учество на обука за обучувачи. Оваа обука се реализира како дел од програмата за децентрализирана соработка со регионот Долна Нормандија – Франција која Коалиција СЕГА ја спроведува во партнерство со организацијата Maison Pour Tous Leo Lagrange.

Целта на оваа обука е да се обучат 15 младински работници да испорачуваат комплетен почетен модул за идни младински работници, претставници од организации и институции кои работат со млади.

Учество на обуката може да земат младински работници кои работат во полето на млади и младинско информирање.

Обуката ќе се реализира во периодот од 20 – 23 февруари 2018 година во Струга. Техничките детали за обуката околу сместувањето и патните трошоци ќе бидат споделени дополнително со селектирани учесници.

Сите заинтересирани за учество на оваа обука треба да достават он-лајн апликација на следниот линк.

Краен рок за испраќање на апликации е 12 февруари 2018 година. Ненавремено доставените апликации нема да се разгледуваат. 

Селектираните учесници на обуката ќе бидат известени најдоцна до 14 февруари 2018 година. Предност при селекцијата на учесници ќе имаат кандидатите од организациите членки на Коалиција СЕГА.

Доколку Ви се потребни дополнителни информации слободно контактирајте со:

Моника Илиоска Кантарџиоска

Програмски менаџер

Коалиција на младински организации СЕГА

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Тел: +389 77 762 767; +389 48 429 390



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Formed in 2015, the Youth Informative and Counseling Center INFO SEGA from Kavadarci is a result of the long-term cooperation of Coalition SEGA within the programme for cooperation between Lower Normandy – France/Macedonia. Coalition SEGA, as coordinator of the INFO center in Kavadarci works on continuant strengthening of the capacities of its youth workers. A few exchanges of good practices with youth informative center from Normandy were already implemented.

In that direction, a part of the team of INFO SEGA Kavadarci was on a study visit in Casarsa, Italy, in the period of 4th to 8th of July 2016.

This study visit was an opportunity to exchange good practices and experiences and to be informed about the work of youth informative center from Casarsa. The subject of these meetings was the youth local policies, implementation of youth projects and opportunities for development of mutual projects.

The Youth Informative Center INFO SEGA Kavadarci is supported by the programme for cooperation between Lower Normandy and Macedonia and managed by Coalition SEGA in partnership with the municipality of Kavadarci.

This activity is implemented within the project PALE.DE, supported by the Italian region Friuli Venezia Giulia, and implemented by the municipality of Casarsa, Consortium Leonardo, Organizations Nodze, ALDA Skopje, Coalition SEGA and the municipality of Kavadarci.

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On 13th of August, Yoan Schumacher, arrived in Macedonia to start his one-year volunteering within the European Volunteering Service. After his come back to France, this 20 years old boy from La Ferte-Mace decided to share his experience.

“When I left France one year ago, I had in mind two ideas for my professional career: to be part of the educational system and to work as a graphic and audiovisual designer. My desire was to connect these two spheres within my stay in Macedonia” says Yoan, born in Aunay-sur-Odon, but grew up in La Ferte.

After his high school education and two year studies in design and communication, this young boy from La Ferte decided to apply on the call of the Youth Culture Center in Fler for volunteering in Macedonia. His application was accepted and he has  short time to prepare for his departure to Macedonia for about 2.600 km away from his home, in Prilep, a city with population of 70 000 citizens in Central Macedonia.


“I did no previous research about the country of Macedonia; I left France without any previous preparation and discovered everything on the spot”. Yoan was a volunteer in the organization SEGA, which has the same structure as the Youth Cultural Center in France. He was accommodated with two other young EVS volunteers, two girls from France and Romania.

 “That was my first time to be away from home alone; however I was willing to travel. Considering the thing that in my agreement I had a total of 24 days’ vacation I had the opportunity to go back in France, in La Ferte. Also I needed to learn how to organize my everyday life, the budget and the life in the community.

During his stay and visits Yoan discovered the country. “I have learnt to speak Macedonian language, but I also used English language a lot. The city where I stayed was dynamic, with number of young people, and number of music plays in the pubs. Macedonian people are friendly, and I have never felt like a stranger. I discovered that the economy in the country is fragile, and there is a high rate of youth unemployability in the country, around 50-60 %. Here people live with a monthly salary of 250 and 300 euros. In comparison to France, I realized that my country still has satisfying life standard with future opportunities”. The weekends were planned for touristic visits with the other volunteers. “I had opportunity to play on a guitar on the street to collect some money”.


During his agreement in a period of 12 months, a few assignments were delivered to Yoan: promotion of youth volunteering, graphic preparation of documentation (brochures, flyers), photographing of events, support for the French language professors for students aged 10 to 18. “With the professors we organized concert dedicated to Edit Piaf, also we prepared humoristic theater show that was played on the national contest in Francophonic Theater. As winners in the contest we played the show again in Bulgaria in presence of audience from the whole Balkan”. Johan also organized ecologic walk for cleaning of one mountain and meetings in local pub.

For Yoan this experience was opportunity for self-evaluation. “I noticed where I felt most comfortable, which are my strong and weak sides. I was able to test my responsibilities in front of my students and realize that the education field is not really for me, especially when it comes to authority”.

What I have learnt…

After his coming back to France on 9th of August 2016, Yoan evaluates his experience positively in every way. “This long term EVS opens every possibility. I learnt a lot in a short time. I strengthened my skills and knowledge. I am sure that someday I will visit Macedonia again. In the moment I am in contact with young people from Portugal, Italy, Romania and USA”.

On 6th of September Yoan will continue his studies in the Avr Institute of technology after this important year in his life that prevented him for making mistake in the choice of his professional career.

images/ErasmusPlus/evs volonteri.jpg

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Coalition of youth organizations SEGA has started with the implementation of the training of trainers named “The first step to become youth worker” that is held in the period of 12 – 15 May 2016 in hotel Ambient, Struga.

The aim of the training is to train 15 youth workers to deliver complete starting model for future youth workers, representatives of organizations and institutions that work with young people. With this training will be trained youth workers who work in the two youth informative and counseling centers in Macedonia (INFO SEGA in Prilep and Kavadarci) as well as representatives of youth organizations, and one representative of the Agency for youth and sport.

This training has been realized within the project “Recognition of youth work” that Coalition of youth organizations SEGA is implementing in partnership with the organizations Maison Pour Tous Lagrange as part of the programme for decentralized cooperation with the region Lower Normandy – France.




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(Prilep, 11th of May 2016) Today at the office of Coalition SEGA and the Youth Informative and Counseling Center INFO SEGA was held meeting between the team of SEGA and INFO SEGA Prilep and Kavadarci with representatives from the organizations Avril and Maison Pour Tous Leo Lagrange from the region Lower Normandy – France.

On this meeting was discussed for the of work of SEGA in the field of youth participation and youth information, as well as presentation and realized projects and projects in duration. Also, between the three organizations were exchanged experiences in the field of youth work and was discussed about future mutual activities and projects in direction of strengthening the cooperation. 

Within the established cooperation, starting from tomorrow, until Sunday, will be realized training for trainers “First step to become youth worker” in Struga. During this training, 14 youth workers from Macedonia will be trained  and gain skills for multiplication of the module for other youth workers.

Coalition SEGA has a long-term cooperation with organizations from the region Lower Normandy – France and realizations of a few mutual successful projects.

Activities are realized within the Project for decentralized cooperation between the region Lower Normandy - France and R. Macedonia.


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