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"На децата со било каков вид на пречки во развојот треба да им се пружи посебна грижа и подршка за да можат да водат независен живот."
Член 23, Конвенција за правата на детето



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10.10.2017, in hotel Arka was held a Final Conference of the project: Fostering social inclusion through employability enhancement “Open door - for youth by youth”, supported by the European Union through the second grants scheme of the IPA4 component with a specific purpose for social inclusion.

At the event were presented project’s activities in a form of multimedia edition, together with project’s achievements in promoting the employability of the socially vulnerable categories of young people

The project “Open door-for youth by youth” had an aim to facilitate the social inclusion of young people from vulnerable groups by creating equal opportunities for access to the labor market and improving their employability by developing and upgrading their skills in order to get involved in the labor market and fully integrate in the society.

“With this project 4 Youth Info Career Centers were established  in Prilep, Bitola, Shtip and Skopje, where a team of 20 trainers from the Centers for Social Work and CSOs conducted training  for career counseling and guidance of 126 young social assistance beneficiaries, as well as young people who are taken care of in public institutions by applying the methodology of career guidance and the balance of competences following the example and the experience of Republic of Slovakia and then preparing individual plans for personal career development.  15 young people implemented their individual career plan and changed their status form social assistance beneficiaries to employed people. Two of them were employed by the same employer where they attended an internship within the project”- stated Mr. Zoran Ilieski, Executive Director of Coalition SEGA and the manager of the project.

Additionally, with this project 60 social cards were prepared for young people who were taken care of in institutions, and "Study needs analysis: social inclusion of vulnerable groups by creating equal opportunities for access to the labor market" was prepared.

The project “Open door- for youth by youth” was implemented over a period of 22 months in Prilep, Bitola, Shtip and Skopje. 

The project Fostering Social inclusion through employability enhancement "Open door for youth by youth" is financed by EU



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From 22-24 of September 2017, in hotel Ambient, Struga,“Training on planning and managing advocacy campaigns” was held for the members of the Youth Council of Gazi Baba municipality.

The participants of this training had the opportunity to acquire skills and techniques for the preparation and implementation of advocacy and lobbying campaigns in order to contribute towards improving their ability to act during the work of the council of Gazi Baba municipality.

During the training various methods were used: role play, small group work, case studies and presentations through which the participants will acquire skills and different techniques to practice the knowledge acquired.

The second part of the training was devoted to the preparation of an advocacy campaign under the Action Plan for implementing the Strategy for youth in Gazi Baba municipality.   The members were divided into teams and worked in the preparation of various advocacy campaigns.

This training is part of the project “Training and promotion of Youth Council of Gazi Baba municipality, supported by the municipality itself. 



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From 1st of October 2017, Coalition SEGA started the implementation of the project “Strengthening Youth Engagement in Local Communities”. The project is part of the Citizen Participation Project implemented by the East West Management Institute (EWMI) in a consortium with Metamorphosis, FOSM Macedonia, NMMS and ADI (http://metamorphosis.org.mk/proekti_arhiva/proekt-za-gragjansko-uchestvo - cep), financially supported by USAID.

The main objective of the project is to increase the impact of youth organizations towards civil participation in decision making at the local and national level, which will contribute to improving the status and well-being of young people in the country. The main objective will be achieved through the following results of the project:  1) Developed and applied innovative tool for detecting youth needs, focusing on civic participation, 2) Enhanced knowledge and skills of youth organizations to address the current needs of young people, 3) Improved understanding of youth participation in the local community.

The project will introduce the Youth Development Index in Macedonia as a new and innovative tool for addressing the needs of young people at all levels. The activities will enable the involvement of member organizations in their local communities.

The project will be implemented in the period from October 1, 2017 - September 30, 2020, with a total budget of US $ 113,125.00.

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